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Sugar, sugar.

2005-08-25 - 4:36 p.m.

I need a new confidante in the office. With the departure of my last co-op student I have no one around to talk to about the mad sugar craving Iíve got right now. The new co-ops wonít be here until September and I wonít know them very well for awhile even then. My big boss would be an okay substitute but sheís so busy that she doesnít have a lot of time and is not in the office a lot to indulge these confidences of which I need to unburden myself. And sheís out sick today, to boot.

Why do I need to tell someone? Well, my hopes is that confessing will either defuse the urge or the person will give me ďpermissionĒ to indulge it, or maybe suggest a healthier way to direct it.

As it stands, walking by, I smelled the sugar on the doughnuts at Tim Hortonís at lunch and it drove me MAD. Then someone walked by with some sort of chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick and I think my jaw actually dropped, and I donít even like chocolate-covered ice cream!*

I wonder if chocolate milk would satisfy the sugar-monster raging within me? Itís got sugar (too much for me normally in fact) and chocolate, but itís also mostly milk so maybe it would be a good compromise? A pregnant lady needs her milk, non?

* Donít get me wrong; I like ice cream juuuust fine, I just donít like it covered with chocolate or with hard chocolate bits in it. Chocolate, as far as Iím concerned, is best warm and mushy, not so cold and hard that it sticks to your teeth and you canít even taste it until it starts to melt and then a fresh influx of cold ice cream re-freezes it.

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