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The big squeeze.

2005-08-20 - 2:20 p.m.

My friends, I have found a downside to the Belly, and it is not a pretty picture. I decided, with the weather cooling and the Belly growing, it was time to take stock of my wardrobe. You can see this coming, non?

Most of my shirts are now too tight or ride up over the belly and have become too short. Certainly they are too short to cover the telltale baggy front of a pair of maternity jeans (or, when I get to that point, the panel on the front of maternity jeans – I have not yet been able to bring myself to buy any of those yet though). Pair of pants after pair of pants have been tried on and reluctantly put aside. My “slim” pants did not even merit a try and were automatically consigned to the “maybe next year” pile, but even my “fat” pants have failed me. Each time I’d think “these have always been large on me” and, full of hope and optimism, shimmy them over my hips. Each time, the Belly got in the way of closing the button on the waistband.

The only silver lining was that at least I could still fit them over my hips and ass. From the back and side they appeared to fit the same way they always have. In the past when my weight gain has been the result of overeating, the pants stopped being able to contain my broadening rear, or perhaps they even refused to slide up over my thighs any longer. Since my boobs still don’t seem to be taking on any extra poundage (sigh), clearly almost all the weight gain so far has in fact been Belly-side.

The plan is to indulge a bit and do a bit of shopping this weekend to augment my suddenly-meager wardrobe.

Fortunately, I still have two pairs of shorts that fit and, in terms of official maternity wear, I now have one pair of “good” pants I can wear to work and one pair of jeans with a lot of hidden and adjustable elastic in the waist. Also, I have yet to haul out all the oversized t-shirts I collected in the 90s and, even when they became tragically unfashionable, saved against the day I might need them for this very reason. It should give me a bit of a boost to know that I’ll have something to wear for the next little while to bridge the gap to the time I need the super-huge, stretchy maternity shirts. I’ll just have to remind myself that I’m not out of style, I’m “retro”.


Today I had the second blood draw for the Integrated Prenatal Screening. This means I should hopefully get my results back soon. My next appointment with the midwife is in 12 days (Sept. 1st) so I’d imagine that’ll be the latest I’d hear what’s up.

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