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Am I ready for this Belly?

2005-08-16 - 7:55 p.m.

Itís undeniable: the Belly has started. Itís still pretty small Ė more of a proto-belly really Ė but itís definitely there. This was brought home this weekend when turning sideways no longer allowed me to squeeze through smaller spaces. I was exiting a doorway and turned sideways to slip outÖ and my belly skimmed into the door frame.

My initial reaction to this subtle bulge? I love it! Iím kind of surprised how much, given my aversion to chub (at least mine) and my past weight-related despair, but this is definitely different: kind of for a higher purpose. And for once I know Iím supposed to be gaining weight and acquiring a graceful sloping pear shape.

Ever since the week the second line showed up on the pee stick, Iíve been surreptitiously checking myself out to see if Iím showing. Now, I grin and mentally preen when I see the little bump starting in any and all reflective surfaces I pass. If no one I know is around, I often give the Belly an affectionate pat or rub and thereís an extra bounce in my step after.

I donít really understand the negative reactions to a pregnant womanís shape that Iíve heard of. I havenít gotten so obvious that Iíve ever had this inflicted on me (at least not yet) but my jaw dropped when an obviously pregnant woman at my gym relayed how, not once but twice sheís had people comment in loud tones near her how ugly a pregnant body is and how the speaker hopes they never get pregnant because theyíd hate looking so fat. Not only is this sentiment the complete opposite of what I think, Iím astounded that anyone could be so rude and insensitive to a stranger, much less a pregnant one. I know a lot of people give unsolicited advice Ė and boy how much am I looking forward to that? Ė but at least those are generally well-meaning busybodies. To comment negatively on the appearance of a stranger, while deliberately within earshot, is just so appallingly rude Iíd hope their mothers would have the grace to be ashamed of them if they knew.

Back to a happy note, Iím really enjoying this pregnancy so far. I have lots of time for the heartburn and peeing every 15 minutes to start Ė for now Iím reveling in flaunting my wee Belly in my new maternity pants and tank tops in the warm late-summer air.


Nova Scotia was good, albeit cool and damp for most of the time we were there. We enjoyed spending time with our friends and we had a couple of great meals and did get to the beach despite the less-than-ideal-for-it weather. I'm not in front of a computer much this week but I'm going to try to get some details and a couple of pics up before the end of Friday.

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