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Pigward scissorclaws and… Vacation!

2005-08-05 - 6:09 p.m.

This week we have an extra being in our house – a guinea pig named Cocoa (known to us affectionately – really - as “The Pig”). She belongs to my brother but that group is in Saskatchewan visiting relatives so we’re Pig-sitting. When my stepmother was snuggling her and giving us instructions for her care I thought there was something odd about her paws. They looked oddly rounded at the ends. A closer look revealed that her claws had been allowed to grow like Jack’s proverbial beanstalk and had grown in long curlicues from her… fingers? Do guinea pigs have fingers? Anyway, you know what I mean.

I asked, “Aren’t her claws a little long?” and was blithely informed that why yes, now that I mentioned it, they were a little on the long side. Perhaps when they got back they’d take her in to the vet to get them trimmed?

J and I talked about it at home and took an even closer look – the nails had grown to the extent that two of her toes were crossed and then trapped that way by her nails locking together. Stuff from the floor of her cage had gotten matted into the next of nails as a result. We decided to take the Pig in forthwith and made an appointment for the next day. I know we’ll get paid back by my stepmother and even if we wouldn’t it seemed like the thing to do. My conversation with the vet clinic receptionist seemed kind of funny though. Her side of the conversation was delivered like she was expecting me to blow up at any minute.

Vet clinic: This is Random Animal Vet Clinic, how can I help you?

Me: Do you cut guinea pig nails? I have a guinea pig that really needs her nails cut.

VC: We do but I’m afraid that guinea pigs are considered exotic and so a technician needs to do it and it costs a bit more.

Me: Okay…

VC: …

Me: So… how much?

VC sounding like she’s ducking: Around twenty-six fifty. Plus tax.

Me: Okay, so do I need to make an appointment?

VC sounding very surprised: Um. Sure. You don’t mind the cost?

Me: Well, a) I’m not actually paying for it, the owner is, and b) it doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I’d figured it would cost around 20 bucks but since I don’t own a pet I wasn’t surprised it was a bit more. I bet a lot of people freak out all, Twenty-six bucks!?! I could BUY A NEW GUINEA PIG FOR THAT!! To that I say pah, you get a pet, you take on the cost of upkeep and health-related matters.

Say, guess what? We’re going away for a slightly belated anniversary trip next weekend! Our anniversary’s on the 9th so we’re taking a few days to visit friends out in Halifax (the ones I did the wedding decorations for almost a year ago - check the archives for details). I can’t wait! I need a break and it will probably be one of our last chances to get away together sans child until our kids grow up and leave home. Or just become surly teenagers who don’t want to accompany their uncool parents anywhere and would rather take the opportunity to throw wild parties while we’re out of town.

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