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One trimester down, two more to go.

2005-07-27 - 9:30 a.m.

If the majority of sites and books I read are to be believed on the subject, my first trimester ended this week and Iím at the dawning of the second. This (naturally) has me both freaked out and excited. In just over six months J and I will be becoming parents if all goes well!

Of course, the most massive changes to my body will be taking place, not to mention the whole labour-and-delivery thing, before that happens. Right now, the casual observer still canít tell Iím pregnant and most of Jís friends still donít know Ė not even the ones that accompanied us to the gym yesterday. Despite my earlier fears, Iím still fitting into the clothes I wore before I lost that ten pounds a year or so ago and my boobs, as Iíve mentioned before, arenít giving me away either. Iíd imagine, however, that itís inevitable that in this upcoming trimester of fast fetal growth I will be becoming very obviously pregnant.

My ultrasound for the nuchal translucency test is this Friday so weíre hoping to have the results from it and from the blood tests back soon so weíll feel comfortable sharing our news with the world. Well, technically I suppose I am sharing all my news with the world already since the internet isnít exactly contained solely on my computer screen, but I mean the world of people we know and see all the time. None of Jís friends, for instance, even know I have this journal. A few of mine do, but not many and of those that know, well, not very many are the online journal-reading type.

Anyway, about that clothes-fitting thingÖ I made of bit of an error in judgment at the Festival this past weekend. You see, I wore my usual shorts there and they have always been very loose and low-rise on me. Even at almost 3 months pregnant they are, in fact, still loose on me. However, I knew it would be getting cooler once the sun when down so I sensibly brought pants to change into. You see where this is going? These pants, um, you see, theyíre a bit, shall we say, snugger. Form-fitting, if you will. Theyíve been very comfortable and have never been too tight during the couple of years Iíve owned them so I didnít really think about it: I just tossed them into my bag. Big. Mistake.

Man, did I have to suck it in to get them done up. Worse, the fly closure is Velcro. Thank goodness thereís also a string criss-cross tie at the top. Once Iíd laced up the tie the Velcro wasnít in quite as much danger of ripping apart but I was still very much aware that it was threatening to. I made it through the evening (standing was a lot safer than sitting and I had hike up my pants whenever I wanted to sit down) but let me tell you, when I got to the car for the hour-long drive home, all bets were off. When I loosened the tie and let myself relax there was a good three inch-gap in the waistband at the top. I washed them this weekend then theyíll be joining the box of clothes Iím starting to put away until after Iíve (hopefully) regained my pre-pregnancy weight. Iím optimistically aiming for mid-to-late next summer. Letís hope that when next summer arrives I donít read this in my archives and laugh at what I dreamer I was.

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