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Week 11? Smooooth(y).

2005-07-18 - 3:39 p.m.

Tomorrow marks week 11. Thatís WEEK ELEVEN folks! I know every week that goes by now Iíll be just as amazed that itís a week further than the week before but I canít help but be building up a bit of anticipation these days. This week is the last week of the first trimester. This week weíll be meeting a midwife for the first time to decide if sheís the one into whose hands we want to put our sonís (!) or daughterís (!) entry into the world. (Wow, Iím almost tearing up and freaking out just writing that.)

NEXT week, we get the first ultrasound and there will be proof that my slowly-expanding waistline isnít just a result of all the eating Iíve been doing for a theoretical Grommet. Even though Iíve tried to be vigilant to eat healthy food and keep the junk down to a minimum, Iím still eating a lot more volume than I usually do and Iím sure that even the calories from a lot of fruit add up at the end of the day.

And of course, weíll also get a chance to find out whether we should be expecting sons or daughters, or one of each (remember, 10% chance because of the Clomid), in which case, weíd better find an obstetrician tout de suite Ďcause we canít have a midwife for our primary caregiver if weíre expecting multiples.

Guess what I did this weekend? Itís not a stretch to guess, though I suppose it is literally a stretch (har, har). I bought some magic pants at a second-hand maternity shop. Theyíre cute and styliní and donít look at all like maternity pants, yet they are stretchy and comfy and perfectly appropriate for the office. The waistband has a wide hidden band of stretchy elastic and I wonít be all pinched in them by the end of the day. They donít even have a zipper or anything, they stretch easily over the hips to be pulled up. And theyíre low-rise so Iím betting I can go on wearing them and theyíll stretch with me for months yet! Woot! Of course, I thought my current summer office wardrobe would see me through to the end of August. I must have been on something to think that I would remain roughly the same size through 17 weeks Ė thatís FOUR MONTHS Ė of pregnancy. I figured Iíd worn my pants through a period of time when I weighed about 8 pounds more and so why wouldnít I be able to wear them through the first 8 pounds or so of weight gain? What I forgot to take into account was that the distribution of weight gain is entirely different in pregnancy than when Iíve had a few too many plates of nachos.

MmmmÖ. nachos.

Uh, where was I? Oh yes, weight gain during pregnancy. Iím happy to report that the need to eat more fruits and veggies has sparked the re-discovery of smoothies in our household and they are yummy. My favourite so far is a banana, frozen strawberries, and half a small tub of low-fat yogurt whirled with calcium-enriched orange juice. I figure it adds up to maybe two fruit servings and a full calcium serving which includes half a dairy serving. With one of those wand-type blenders the whole prep and clean-up takes mere minutes and I can decant it into a wide-mouthed container to take with me on my way to work. Why havenít I been making these things for years? More to the point, why have I been paying five bucks a pop for something similar at Booster Juice for so long? This is one thrifty, yummy, and nutritious habit I hope to carry over past the end of the pregnancy.

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