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Week 10 and workout woes.

2005-07-12 - 4:12 p.m.

Today is 56 days post-ovulation (the week-10 mark in obstetrical terms) and Grommet has reached the last stage in embryonic development. Most sites I’ve read agree that this week she’ll graduate from embryo to full-fledged fetus.

Some reassuring statements from the various sites I check with slavish devotion:

“…most physical malformations, when they occur, have occurred by the end of this week, so the most critical part of your baby's development is safely behind you.”

By the end of this week all your baby's major organs will be in place.”

By the end of the 11th week, “Risks of serious malformations drop sharply at this point in your pregnancy, and so do risks of miscarriage.”

So, yay for Grommet and I! So far, so good as far as I know. I cannot WAIT for the ultrasound in 2 ½ weeks to have some visual confirmation that all is right with the world that he inhabits.

So far too, my pants are still fitting me. I know most women don’t “show” too early with their first pregnancy so I’m still hoping that I can get away with my current office wardrobe until the end of the summer. Fortunately my pants are almost all low-rise (not indecently so, it is an office after all, but nor do they cut me in half above my navel, rendering my silhouette hornet-like) so I think that’ll help. I expect the expansion to take place more in my waist than my hips and my pants sit just above my hip-line right now.

Many a friend has warned me that “outgrowing” my regular clothes will take place suddenly – possibly even overnight – so I run the risk of getting up one morning and finding that I can’t leave the house in anything but the extra-flumphy track pants I bought on sale for 10 bucks, in anticipation of pregnant treks to the gym in the crisp fall air. This is made even more likely by the fact that my “standard” office pants in the summer are, in fact, three different colours of the same pair of pants so they are all exactly the same size and fit in exactly the same way. To mitigate this risk, I may investigate having at least one dress on hand that has a bit of give to it.

Speaking of the gym, I’m in a bit of a quandary there. At what point should I tell my boss for that job? After the first trimester? After the prenatal testing? After they make up the schedule for the fall? (Which won’t be until the end of August.) I’m not very close to the management at that job and the fitness industry represents special circumstances around working while pregnant. I just don’t want them to hear about it from someone else and if there’s one place it’s hard to keep this sort of thing under wraps, it’s the gym where you have to wear form-fitting clothes and (the big giveaway) have to start modifying some of the exercises after the first trimester, showing or not. Yet, I don’t know what the effect will be of my pregnancy on their perception of my ability to continue to teach my classes. On the other hand, I’m currently making a pain of myself while trying to get a pay issue straightened out, and I’m not volunteering to help out at special events such as new music releases as much. This means that there may be less goodwill towards me than there is normally (not that I’m exactly in the “in” crowd of instructors as it is). I may be better off if they knew my motivation behind these things was less about being a baby and more about having a baby, y’know? The money I’m owed in back pay would pretty much pay for a nice crib or stroller, so I don’t want to just let it slide.

Also, will my workout clothes stretch with me through my pregnancy? Surely even spandex has its limits? If I hit those limits, where the heck do I get maternity workout gear? Can I just get larger sizes of regular workout clothes? Help! I need to know! What did you/pregnant gym-goers you know do?

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