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Takin' it easy, 9 weeks (!), and cheap icy goodness.

2005-07-06 - 9:26 a.m.

Iím staying home today. Iíve had a mini-migraine since yesterday and now that I canít take anything for it Iím leery of leaving the house and it getting worse. Compounding the problem is the fact that I feel vaguely nauseous all the time but when I get a migraine coming on, once the nausea kicks in Iím usually really in trouble, so I donít have a good grasp of whatís causing what and canít separate these mixed signals. To be on the safe side Iím working by proxy Ė assigning my work for the day to my capably co-op student. I sent details over email already and have talked to her to clarify instructions so she should be okay.

Itís a little frustrating because I donít feel Iíve really had a chance to shine in this job yet and was looking forward to some of my tasks today which really play to my strengths. Oh well, I should have plenty of other opportunities over the next while to demonstrate that I do indeed know what Iím doing.

In other news, Grommet hit 9 weeks yesterday and looks like a baby (okay, kinda like a baby) at last. Itís kind of freaky to think that over the next 3 weeks heíll be developing by leaps and bounds and all her major ďstuffĒ will be in place at the end of it, with just growing and maturing of organs etc. left to do after that. The end of the first trimester is fast approaching. Weíll try to hold off telling people until after the prenatal screening is done but itís getting harder to keep it a secret as our confidence grows in the pregnancyís viability, and as things to get excited about (such as booking our first ultrasound at the end of this month) start happening. At the gym Iím going to have to give it away to my classes soon as the literature says I should start modifying some of my exercises at the beginning of the second trimester. For example, I shouldnít be lying flat on my back for chest, tricep, or ab work soon, and my class includes all three. Once I start inclining the bench itíll be game over, that cat is outta that bag.

In still other news, Iím in heaven! Like Sars at Tomato Nation, Iíve noticed the growing scarcity at the corner stores of the frozen treats that I enjoyed as a kid. Itís hard to find small ice cream sandwiches or just plain fudgesicles these days. Everything is ďSuper Fudge!Ē or some such thing. Itís not only the nostalgia factor that has me looking for the reasonably small-sized nuggets of frozen goodness either: as a woman trying not to gain too much weight normally, or outstrip whatís considered a healthy weight gain during pregnancy by too much, I want the small frozen treats. Well guess what! The local corner store not only sells 1% for a staggeringly low $3.79 for four litres, they have the original fudgesicles for FIFTY-EIGHT CENTS including tax. And remember, these prices are in Canadian. Woot! Iím so going to be trotting down there during the dog days of summer. Iím trying to walk more so that I get more gentle exercise and they, coincidentally, are not that far out of the way if I feel overheated and like I want to reward myself. I donít care if it negates some of the walk Ė a girlís gotta have some indulgences while sheís pregnant and Iíve been eating a lot of sprouts, believe me.

Speaking of sprouts, I suppose I oughtta go feed Grommet some breakfast. Iím not normally a breakfast eater but I have to remember that a steady stream of nutrients will benefit the Grom and my blood sugar is probably low after 12 hours of not eating.

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