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Fireworks and weddings and traffic, oh my.

2005-07-04 - 9:05 a.m.

This weekend was the weekend o’ wedding stuff for J and I. Unfortunately, both some close friends of his (for whom he was the MC), and one of my cousins (and I only have three) both scheduled their weddings for this past Saturday. Since neither he nor I could really miss “our” weddings, and they were in different cities, we had to split up for the day.

I’ve never understood why people get married on long weekends. J and I deliberately avoided doing so for our wedding. Summer is so short in Canada and there are only two long weekends; it has always seemed so, so wrong to take up one of them. People who want to go camping and to cottages end up traipsing around in hot clothes to various wedding events instead. So for both J’s friends and my cousin to schedule their weddings on the same long weekend… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have predicted it. J’s friends started dating on July 2nd so they wanted to have their wedding on their “anniversary”; my cousin and her fiancé could only get the venue they wanted this weekend. Oh well, such is life.

It was great to see my family, the reception was very posh and in a beautiful setting, and the bride looked stunning, as usual. Of course, she would have looked stunning in a burlap sack. Theirs is the long, slender branch on our family tree while my immediate family is more the short, stumpy twig. It boggles my mind how tall and slim they all are, while we’re short and have to work at keeping weight off. My immediate family is all quite trim, as a matter of fact, but it’s the result of careful eating and/or exercise on the part of every single one of us.

The biggest drawback to the wedding I attended, and it was a DOOZY, was the traffic trying to leave. The Jazz Festival was going on in Montreal and the international fireworks competition had a half-hour-long entry that night which was set off from St. Helen’s Island, where the reception was. This meant that anyone trying to leave the wedding via downtown Montreal from 10:30 onwards was competing for road space with thousands upon thousands of fireworks watchers and Jazz revelers. We naively thought that if we waited an hour it would be slacking off. Not so. It was literally gridlock downtown. It took almost an hour and a half to do what is normally a 15-20 minute drive to drop off my grandmother. That means that it took almost as long to drop her off as it did to drive all the way back to Ottawa from Montreal, which we managed in under 2 hours. Adding it all up, yes, it was 3 am by the time we pulled into my mom’s driveway and I was one exhausted pregnant woman, especially since I’d gotten up at 6:30 that morning to catch the bus to Montreal.

I did manage to make the rehearsal barbeque and post-wedding brunch for J’s friends. I wish the weddings had been on different dates because I feel like I lost out by not being able to make it to their wedding, and I would have really liked to have J at my family wedding as well. Again, c’est la vie.

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