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First pre-natal visit recapped.

2005-06-30 - 6:36 p.m.

The first prenatal appointment went fine. I told J he wouldn’t be missing anything if he didn’t come to this one and I was right. After being weighed (I've gained a couple of pounds but I'm not that surprised what with trying to cram all the calcium, protein and other healthy stuff into my maw that I have been... okay, plus the occasional sinful treat) and having my blood pressure taken (a very low 104 over 58 thank-you-very-much), my doctor and I went over a bunch of stuff and before I even had to whip out my list of questions they were almost all covered. The doctor gave me a small tree’s worth of forms, pamphlets and requisitions to take away with me, checked that my cervix was closed when she heard about the spotting over the weekend (tight as a drum, yay!), and sent me on my merry way. She also asked if I still “feel pregnant” which, well, was kind of perplexing. As I mentioned a few days ago, my symptoms are nowhere near as severe as I understand they are for some women, and I’m starting to accept a lot of the symptoms I do have as normal and thus am starting to not associate them with being pregnant – they’re just the way I am now. Still, I managed to conjure up some reassuring references to occasional nausea so she seemed satisfied.

I may not see her again for the duration of the pregnancy because I got a call from one of the midwife groups and I have an appointment in a few weeks for that. If it works out, she’ll become the primary care provider for me and for Grommet until he’s a couple of months old. If it doesn’t work out, my regular doctor will find me someone else to take over care as far as my pregnancy goes. I like my doctor just fine but she doesn’t follow pregnancies right through – she helps set things up and makes referrals, but that’s it.

If it turns out that I’m carrying Grommet squared, then I’ll be trotting on back to my doctor for a referral to an obstetrician, as midwives won’t accept women who are pregnant with twins. They’re automatically considered to be “high” risk and thus have to go under the care of a doctor. I should find out at the first ultrasound which, for the sake of scheduling during the window for the nuchal translucency (NT) test, will take place between 3 and 6 weeks from now. (Let me just reiterate that as I pinch myself: IN LESS THAN SIX WEEKS I’M GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE TO ACTUALLY SEE GROMMET!!! SQUEEE!) I just have to get off my ass and schedule the appointment. Now THAT is one appointment that J should come to! I’ll try to schedule it for a Friday – usually his day off.

Since tomorrow is Canada Day, this is the start of a long weekend. There will be much fun and (be warned) NO updating until I’ve wrung every minute out of my three days of glorious freedom!

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