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Busy bosses and blissful biking.

2005-05-31 - 9:55 p.m.

My new job in one word: busy.

Sorry for neglecting yíall but seriously? I donít have much time to write during the day. Which is, I suppose, as it should be.

On my first day I made the mistake of showing up for our 8:30 meeting sans my decaf. I realized my error when looking around the table at the steaming cups in front of every single other person. Sure enough, it lasted until well after 10:00. I was thirsty before I ever walked in so I felt like a dried husk by the time I got out.

My new team is definitely GOGOGO!

Right now I understand only a fraction of what theyíre talking about but Iím sure Iíll be useful soon. In the meantime Iíve gotten everything squared away for my business trip early next week. All the travel arrangements are made; all the interview questions have been polished; the presentation is done, I think. Iíll have to check with my employee to see about that last one since sheís working on it.

This morning I biked to work and back. It was heavenly. Iím lucky enough to be about a block from the bike path that runs along the canal. This bike path merges with another that skirts the edge of the Ottawa River, right under the Parliament Buildings. When it emerges, it joins a bike lane crossing one of the bridges to Gatineau. My office building is literally across the street from the end of that bridge. Iím on the roads for literally less than two blocks the whole way to work. Itís a leisurely 20 minute ride along some beautiful scenery. One of my favourite parts is, in fact, the olfactory experience of this ride. Now that itís finally deep into spring up here, I skim along sniffing appreciatively at the odours of blooming bird berry bushes, lilacs, grass, dandelions, river water, poplarsÖ even the dirt smells good when itís sun-warmed.

When I was in Portugal in í99, one of the things I liked best about Lisbon was the way the whole city smelled like flowers. Ottawa doesnít smell like that often, but for a week or so the whole world seems to be waking up and bursting with colour and scent to herald the spring. Itís the start of the time of year that I think I live in the best city anywhere.


Oh I almost forgot, my chip time for the race was an hour, 6 minutes and 44 seconds. Not bad for someone who didn't train I guess.

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