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Clomid update.

2005-05-15 - 4:48 p.m.

So, I know you’re wondering about how this Clomid thing is going. So far, other than a wacky up-and-down-for-a-few-days basal body temperature chart, and a spate of headaches (and possibly some mild nausea from time to time but I can’t swear that it’s related to the drug), I have nothing to show for it as far as I know.

My BBT chart has finally stabilized at (surprise!) the same level it always hovers around pre-ovulation. We’re faithfully having our doctor-prescribed, every-other-day fun time. The drug information sheet says ovulation typically happens within 5 to 8 days after the last tablet is taken. Well, that window ended yesterday, yet my temperature’s been an even 97.4 degrees the last three days running. If it spikes and stays up in the next few days the predication will have been right, otherwise phbbbt to the damn stuff. Better luck next time I guess. That’s not to say that there’s zero chance I’ll ovulate on my own later this cycle and actually get pregnant to boot, I just will be skeptical I can attribute it to the treatment.

As I mentioned last week, my friend Diane was here with her 9-month old for a few days. I have to say, the little fellow in no way discouraged me from trying for one of my own. He was the cutest, most well-behaved little thing ever! And J was so enchanted by him, it just reminded me again of why we’re pursuing treatment – so he can have that look, to the power of ten, on his face when he looks at his own child. J would be a great dad and I so want him to have that opportunity. I’m less convinced of the magnitude of my own maternal abilities but, like everyone else, I’d do my best and cross my fingers. My mom did it – she’s not the maternal type at all – and I turned out all right. Right?

Um. Right?

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