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Great minds think alike; gardening tale.

2005-05-12 - 11:35 a.m.

Shawna’s thought processes:

J hasn’t done anything with the garden yet. I know we said that if we weren’t going to grow anything we’d just sod the thing over but it’s still just dirt. When J turned the dirt on Monday he must have been getting it ready for sodding or perhaps even planting. Ha ha! I will steal a march on J and surprise him! During the day I’m taking off tomorrow, I will plant flowers and shrubs and he will be so surprised when he comes home, and happy that I’ve done the garden this year, it will be awesome!

Wednesday – a.m.
Time’s a wastin’. So many choices at the Garden Centre! Thank goodness I’ve got my gardening-loving friend Diane here helping me with this stuff. Got to pick nice plants that like my soil and sun conditions. Not. Going. To. Get. Overwhelmed. Okay, I want a mugo pine for sure. What are these things? They’re pretty, I’ll get some of these too. Oh and a blue hydrangea? How could I possibly resist? (Glee, glee, glee.) I love gardening.

Wednesday – p.m.
I hate gardening. This is heavy, hot work. And dirty, SO DIRTY! I hate getting my hands all caked with this muck! Gah, I can’t believe I paid for cow poop, and now I’m actually touching it with my bare hands. Gross! Why did Diane insist that peat and manure were important and had to be turned into the dirt? I was going to dig little holes, drop the plants in and, poof, aaaaalllll done. Sweaty, sticky, yuck. What is that? A sunburn on my shoulders? But it’s cloudy! (Grumble, grumble, grumble.) Oh well, at least it’ll be worth it to surprise J with the pretty, pretty garden.

J’s thought processes:

Wednesday – late p.m.
Where are Shawna and Diane? Wait, I see them out the back window… they’re… gardening! Oh no! The poor little seeds I planted to surprise Shawna on Monday! They’re all dug up!

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