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2005-04-21 - 9:25 a.m.

Today, I知 not talking about that whole conception thing*. Instead I知 going to talk about my hair; principally the fact that I suspect I知 on the verge of getting some grey ones.

Grey hair! Me? Sad but true. I see some that shine a little differently nestled among (amongst?) my sandy brown locks. Time was, those solitary shining ones would have been blond, or even some red, but it doesn稚 look like a golden shine in the harsh light of my bathroom. They look more washed out. Proto-grey, if you will. Sure, I致e still got glints of gold and red, but I suspect I知 headed for salt-and-pepper all too soon. My mother went grey in her thirties and it was very sudden. I suspect I値l be the same, with armies of fat white hairs invading in the middle of the night.

In anticipation of this, I actually have allowed myself quite long hair in the last couple of years and let it go my natural colour. I figure I値l be dying it soon enough not because I think I have to but because I find it kind of fun to change my hair colour and if I do have a kid I値l probably cut it short not because I have to for maintenance, though that値l help, but because I actually really like short hair on me so that would be, like next summer if things go well with this treatment approach**? I guess my mental image of myself as a pregnant woman includes long, natural-coloured hair, but my mental image of myself as a mom includes short, funky hair. In fact, if I知 going to be on maternity leave and don稚 have to worry about the office for a full year, I may just fulfill a long-cherished dream and dye my hair purple. I致e always said I think I壇 look good with really purple hair. Purple so purple it痴 屠uicy.

Not exactly the typical 溺adonna with child image, eh?

* That is such a lie. I am totally going to tell you the latest, small though the news may be. My basal body temperature went up a few days ago so there痴 a good chance that I ovulated, or at least that I知 producing enough progesterone for the temperature shift. This actually caught me totally off-guard, because I often have that temperature dip associated with a hormone surge a few days before my BBT goes up. This time? Nothin. In fact, it was so unexpected that we happened to skip, for the first time since starting to try this cycle, that 兎very other day event. And, of course, that痴 when I probably ovulated (if I did at all) and was at the most fertile for the cycle. J was just too tired from working ridiculously early every damn day, and running around like a chicken with his head cut off during the times he wasn稚 working. And truly, I didn稚 think it was a big deal since my temperature hadn稚 dropped so I decided, wrongly, that if it seemed too much like work and too little like fun that day it was ok to skip it. Isn稚 that always the way?

So, the upshot (why does that sound dirty?) is, when my temperature dips in a few days and Aunt Flo arrives, I値l be making a trip to the pharmacy to fill that Clomid prescription. Scary! Yet, exciting! I値l keep y誕ll in the loop as event unfold, of course.

** See? There it is again. I made a liar of myself twice. I can稚 help it, it just colours the way I look at the world and creeps into my writing.

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