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But what could it all mean?

2005-04-04 - 1:48 p.m.

This is getting kind of freaky-deaky. You know how awhile ago I said that, lately, Iíve been hearing from a lot of people that I havenít heard from in awhile? Well I got an email address passed on from the same person whose emergence prompted that entry. Today I got an email from the owner of that address. Her parents were on a year-long teacher exchange from Australia. She ended up in my group of friends, and even ended up in the same band that I sang back-up in. (See? There are things about me that you still donít know.) In the end, she was whisked back to Australia by parents who were in the process of big-time freaking out over the fact that she wanted to stay and marry her Canadian boyfriend Ė the same friend I was talking about above.

I hadnít thought about her in years. Then just a couple of weeks ago I was going through a box of old stuff and came across a card with her Australian address on it. I looked at it and thought ĎIím not going to ever be in touch with her again. Sheís probably not even at this address anymore. I am finally going to thwart my pack-rat nature and toss this.í Hah! Little did I know that Iíd actually hear from her, not only ďagainĒ, but within such a short time frame. Itís hard to stop being a pack rat when the few things you determinedly toss are the things that you end up regretting not having any longer. But I digressÖ

Between school and the band and our friends, she and I spent quite a bit of time together. I remember many an afternoon at her place washing down Ritz crackers with Strawberry Cow, our heads bent together over the piano she was trying to teach me.

In her email she apologized for not keeping in touch, yet a few months after she left a mutual friend had told me that sheíd written her and mentioned she was surprised she hadn't heard from my sister or me. Sheíd said, and I quote, "I thought they were my friends!"

Oh, the guilt I've been carrying all these years after hearing that! And now I find out that she didnít blame me at all!

Itís too bad email wasnít around back then (and yes, itís hard to remember that far back, isnít it?) or I bet we would have stayed in touch a lot longer.

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