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Violence will not get hamburger back, grasshoppah.

2005-03-22 - 4:02 p.m.

Yesterday was the first full day of Spring and I biked to work (note, a full month before I started riding last year). Yay! It was projected to hit full five degrees above zero in the afternoon and the roads were dry so, heck, what more do I need to prompt getting out the bike?

Easter is this weekend and Iím one of the lucky ones thatíll have both Friday AND Monday off. Woo! Plus, that means Iíll be eating my mom and grandmotherís cooking on Sunday. Oh yeah, life is good.

So since Iím feeling so benevolent about how things are going for me, and I donít want to voice any work complaints on this site plus ruminating on such things would harsh my mellow (dude), Iím at a bit of a loss to be entertaining. J and I havenít started trying for this cycle, nor will I have any test results to report back on until mid-April. My family is all doing well and my sister is continuing to lose weight. She will no doubt try to teach me all about fitness soon and I will grit my teeth and try not to snap at her that Iíve been teaching fitness for a few years now, thanks.

One of my brothers recently attacked the other in his sleep with a large blunt Japanese sword, scoring a minor cut on his face. Apparently he was upset because the sleeper had snuck into the kitchen and eaten the extra hamburger in the fridge. To this I can only say, WTF? Who does that? And it was the younger, quieter brother. A cry for attention maybe? Itís always the quiet ones you have to watch...

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