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The case of the disappearing sheets.

2005-03-20 - 11:49 a.m.

Hah! Burn my basal body temperature charts indeed. Useless according to Dr. Hubris, they were right on the money again this cycle; the first significant drop at the end of the higher temperature phase corresponded perfectly with the onset of my period. At thirty-three days, this is the shortest cycle Iíve had since going off the Pill last May. Of course I was hoping that fertilization would happen when I got the signs of ovulation on day 18, but this shorter, more normal cycle at least gives me some hope for being successful eventually.

I have another appointment with Dr. Hubris on the 15th of April to find out the results of both Jís and my tests, which will hopefully lead to a recommendation for some course of treatment. In the meantime weíll be starting to try again in about a week and a half.


I think Iím going nuts. About two-and-a-half years ago I bought two new sets of sheets for my bed. They were nice Ė pure cotton with a thread count of about 240 as I recall (the higher the better and nothing below 200 is my rule of thumb). I didnít open them because I was moving and have I seen them since? No. Where could they be? How do you lose sheet sets? As of this morning Iíve combed all our storage areas, including the garage.

Iíve been holding off buying any more because I keep thinking that as soon as I do Iíll find the other ones I bought, however, the situation is getting dire. My good set just developed a hole and, frankly, Iím tired of the other old, ill-fitting sheets. Time to cave methinks. And hey, if the others turn up Iíll have tons of extras.

Right now Iím supposed to be doing housework and my taxes so I think Iíd better stop procrastinatingÖ

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