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2005-03-17 - 2:26 a.m.

Ok, I confess, Iíve been a bad internet friend, leaving yíall hanging like that. But a short-notice, short-deadline freelance editing gig came up, I didnít get back into the office after my doctorís appointment, then I was out this morning doing a pincushion imitation and had to finalize a presentation deck for a head honcho when I got into the office. After work I headed to my gym job and then straight home to shower and finish my editing (yep, I hit all three jobs in the same day). Youíll perhaps note the time Iím posting this? THAT IS GUILT MY FRIENDS.

The doctor. Hm. Heís pleasant enough but Iím going to name him Dr. Hubris if thatís any indication of my impression of him. Heís a gyno but heís also a reproductive endocrinologist and he believes in the gospel of scientific tests, by golly, and totally pooh-poohed my basal body temperature charts Ė handed Ďem back without even looking and told me to burn them. Then when he asked me later about our frequency of intercourse I rather dryly pointed out that that information had been on the charts he told me to burn.

He also made the quite snap decision that I wasnít ovulating at all, just because Iím irregular. He has no real evidence of that other than the odds Ė apparently something like 90 to 95 percent of women with long and irregular cycles donít actually ovulate. I agree that the odds arenít good but wait until youíve got something to back that up Bub, especially since you didnít deign to look at my charts which clearly show a biphasic pattern that classically indicates ovulation.

Still, I appreciate his confidence that heíll have me right as rain, lickety-split. (You know, that saying never sounded dirty until I put it into an entry about gynecology...)

I did NOT appreciate being told that the insulin/glucose test he ordered to be done today would consist of two blood-draws, only to find upon arrival that I was getting stuck a total of four times in two hours. Iíve never had that many needles in a day before and hey, did I mention it was a total of 8 vials (half on the first draw)? DID I???

Makes you wonder what surprises lie in store for poor Jís swimmer analysis, donít it?

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