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Would that give me lead poisoning?

2005-03-04 - 3:16 p.m.

Hah! He never even suspected! In hindsight he kind of slapped his forehead; how many times does cake normally come up in casual office conversation? Probably not two or three times in one week.

Eureka! I was following up on whether my family doctor’s office had sent my blood work to the fertility doctor (brilliant nickname pending actually meeting the man) – they hadn’t so I reminded them – and was told that I was at the head of the cancellation list and would I be interested in coming in on the 15th of March? Would I! So the five-month wait to get in for a consultation has now shrunk to two months and maybe, just maybe, I’m close to finding out what the heck is going on with these crazy 50+ day cycles.

My quest to drop a few pounds had received a setback over the last 24 hours (as witnessed by the whole “cheesecake” theme yesterday), but since I was pretty good at keeping it down to lighter, healthier alternatives the rest of the week I think I’ve come out pretty even, if not ahead. I do what I can in these I-know-I’m-not-pregnant time periods since dieting doesn’t seem like an ideal thing to do when there’s a possibility of a blastocyst depending on me for its nutrient supply. Yep, that’s right, some women get their period and gorge on sushi and booze until it’s time to start “trying” again; I take the opportunity to diet and go more hard-core on the exercise. I have no life. I am, in fact, very light on specific vices unless you count good food in general. And maybe the OC. Ssssh.

I’m looking forward to the weekend; I’m going to see a couple of people I haven’t seen in awhile. One is a much younger man that I once dated and remained friends with; the other is an old friend and my first roommate from when I left home for the summer when I was 16. She’s turning 40 and her partner is having kind of a “this is your life” get-together.

I’m on course (yes, again) next week so don’t count on a new entry until Thursday. At that point I should have scads to impart, if I’m not literally bored to death by the “Fundamentals of Budget Formulation” first. I’ve got my pencil sharpened in case I am compelled to impale myself on it.

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