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Don't I feel clever?

2005-03-03 - 4:43 p.m.

It’s going to be a co-worker’s birthday on Monday so the plan has been (since a few of us will be out of the office that day) to have cake tomorrow. The problem is, he’s strangely reticent about telling anyone it’s his birthday (even though he’s only in his early 20s) and we know he’s not a fan of chocolate. How, then, were we to find out what sort of cake he wanted?

As it turned out, I bought some Cheerios today and after lamenting my lack of will power to resist the tempting of my tummy with the taste of nuts and honey, the comment floated over my cube wall that surely Cheerios weren’t that bad for me, were they?

“No compared to, say, cake, they’re not I suppose.”

When the response of, “Mm. I don’t really like cake.” came back I replied like a shot,

“Not like cake? What’re ya? Crazy? Not even chocolate?”

“I’m just not a cake person.”

“You don’t like any cake at all?” my voice dripped skepticism.

“Well, I do like cheesecake.”

Cheesecake? That’s it?

He then went on to rhapsodize about the merits of real New York-style cheesecake. When he left the room there was a pause and then the coworker who was planning on making the cake piped up, “So, I guess we’ll be having cheesecake tomorrow.”

Excellent Smithers.

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