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The return of the green-eyed monster.

2005-03-01 - 4:30 p.m.

As Iím writing this, Iím eating yogurt that expired over a month ago. It passed my sniff test and then my tentative taste test so if you never hear from me again? Food poisoning.

I thought Iíd just tidy up some odds and ends.

Speaking of envious congratulations going out, Sundry is freakiní pregnant too! If this is catching, how do I get the bug? While part of me wants to stay away until I have less reason to feel jealous, who am I kidding? Iíll be glued to these journals in morbid facination. Maybe if compulsively reading infertility blogs preceded my getting-in-the-family-way troubles, reading journals of actual pregnant people will have a similar effect.

Jís team is in his hockey leagueís finals tonight. Wish him luck!

Itís snowing like aÖ like aÖ what? A snowstorm? A banshee? (Oh wait, they wail; they donít snow.) Like Ally Sheedyís Breakfast Club characterís dandruff? Anyway, March is roaring in like a lion here this year, as I seem to recall it also did last year. Letís hope it goes out like a lamb Ďcause, man, Iím sick of this here cold.

My sisterís lost almost 30 pounds! While Iím proud of her, Iím concerned about the fact that sheís done it in only 3 months and by eating only 900 calories a day. Surely that canít be entirely healthy? Also, sheís now lighter than me, the bitch! (Meeeowww!)

My hairís been particularly lacklustre lately. Should I cut it? Should I just trim it? More importantly, should I actually pay someone to do this since I normally just cut it myself? I know someone else with hair like mine, and she has a stunningly flattering cut that isnít too different from the one I sport, yet I know I couldnít achieve the look sheís got by cutting it myself.

I was at the interior design show this weekend and have found a cabinet manufacturer whose company name should be Crack (but was, in fact Alti Design - they don't have a website yet or I would link to it). I was on my way out of the show when I glanced back and saw their demo kitchen. I gasped audibly to J, ďLook at that kitchen!Ē He turned and goggled too, ďGo. Go. Go!Ē We were SO made for each other.


Updated on Mar. 2 to add: Is it just me that finds that as soon as I threaten my hair with the chopping block I have a great hair day? I should scare my hair into submission more often.

J's team lost last night but they lost to a team that was undefeated for the season and it went to a sudden-death shootout, after a best-of-five shootout, after an overtime period of 15 minutes. Not bad for a team that had been near the bottom at the start of playoffs.

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