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Coming full circle and reconnecting.

2005-02-28 - 9:26 a.m.

I just want to note here that this seems to be a time in my life when Iím reconnecting with old and once-dear faces (not that theyíre not dear now, just that I havenít seen them for awhile). It seems appropriate, somehow, that things are coming full circle and getting better after all the hectic and not-all-good stuff over the last few months. I think it bodes well that my life seems to be re-centering itself.

I have historically (since some time in university I think) kept a mailing list of friends who receive email updates whenever I have major news, or enough news to warrant about a page. The earliest entries in Talpidae are, in fact, re-prints of a few updates to bring people up to speed on events that led up to the creation of this site. While it would probably be easier to just give everybody my URL and stop sending updates, many of the people on my ďupdate listĒ arenít the journal-reading sort, plus I put a lot of stuff here that I donít necessarily want everyone who knows me personally to read.

To get on the list you only need know me and have expressed an interest in keeping in touch. I add people from work that I want to keep in touch with once I leave for a new job, for example. All someone needs to do to stay on my list is drop me a line every couple of years and say that you like getting my updates. Thatís it. I do go through this list several times a year and judiciously prune it of people I havenít heard from in a very, very long time, or people I canít imagine would still be interested in whatís going on with me since our frames of reference have diverged so much. For instance, I cropped all the contacts from my first job at the same time awhile ago since I hadnít heard back from any of them in so long. Despite my efforts, this list hasnít gone under 100 people in years.

The most fun thing about my updates is the fact that I often unexpectedly hear back from someone who I havenít heard from in a long, long time. I may even have considered removing them from the list Ė maybe theyíre not getting my email anymore? maybe theyíre not interested in my life at this point? Ė but decided to keep them there for one more round.

That is how I ended up at a wedding in Halifax last August. I wasnít sure Colleen was even getting my email anymore, yet her reply from the east coast to an update precipitated visits and ultimately a wedding invitation, which I happily accepted.

Last week, a couple of people responded to my latest update and I am thrilled to hear from them Ė weíre making plans to get together soon. In addition, I got an email out of the blue from a high-school friend I hadnít seen since the 80s! He had seen my name on a classmates.com list and decided to get in touch. He and I got together last night, along with a mutual friend that Iíve stayed close with over the years. And that, my friends, will be a story for later this week.


I am so sick of the name of this journal. If anyone can think of something better than Talpidae, let me know and if your suggestion strikes a chord with me Iíll change the header. Titles have always been a bit of a downfall of mine.

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