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You know you spend a lot of time reading journals and blogs when...

2005-01-31 - 3:27 p.m.

As a respite from baby-makin’ and Hawaii (and baby-makin’ IN Hawaii, wink, wink; hey, it was a vacation! What do you do on YOUR vacation?) talk, I’ll recap my weekend. Friday night we saw a stand-up comedy show which was pretty funny sometimes and kind of off-colour other times (which made it less funny to me but more funny to my husband, go fig). Saturday we just stayed in and caught up on the two OCs and one CSI we missed while out of the country. Sunday we painted my father in-law’s apartment with primer (he’s moving to a smaller apartment since it’s now just him, and had painted this one a non-regulation taupe when he and my mother in-law first moved in so the building manager wanted it changed back to the institutional white), and had a stomach-bustingly large dinner at a local pub as a reward.

So with that out of the way…

Baby Makin’:

Nope, nothing really to report here. No ovulation yet this cycle and I’m coming up on 40 days soon.

You know you spend a lot of time reading journals and blogs when you relate points in a cross-country trip to who lives there. On the plane going to Hawaii I found myself thinking things like, ‘We’re landing in Chicago … Jessamyn lives in Chicago … and Rob is going to be here for a visit with his daughter sometime around now.’ and, ‘Is that Utah down there? Did I hear the pilot say we’d be flying over Utah? Does that mean I could be flying over Dooce’s place?’ and also, ‘San Francisco! If I had more time on the layover I might have given Jenfu and/or Mo a call!” (All these people have links on my “Older” page – except for Jenfu whose journal is now defunct – so go there if you want to see who I’m talking about).

Here’s a taste of pictures to come:

Dooce? Are you down there?

Before - After

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