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Maui, how I long for thee...

2005-01-26 - 2:39 p.m.

I’m back in the office after my 10 nights in Hawaii and I think I’ll have to spread out the tales from our trip over a few days. First of all I have to say that it’s COLD here and everyone looks very pale (as I no doubt did a couple of weeks ago too). We did, however, manage to miss some of the coldest weather to date this winter (yesssss!) as it’s been between 15 and 30 below freezing (Celsius) the entire time we’ve been gone and the windchill has made it down to minus 40! This is exactly what I’d hoped when I booked the trip. January is always the coldest, bleakest month and I wanted to skip as much of it as I could.

I will also have pictures to share so stay tuned for those.

J and I spent a lot of time at the pool, a lot of time at the beach, and a fair amount of time eating. Other than that we took a boat trip, saw whales and turtles, checked out the lava flow at the volcano, got many, many pictures of breathtaking scenery, and visited a few cultural places and some towns. J also got to try out some snorkeling, despite being thwarted the first time we both tried to do it. As it turns out, we could have gotten away with packing fewer clothes and more bathing suits. We still managed to pack pretty light though and our second suitcase which was mostly empty going there got filled with the stuff we bought to bring back (which included, but was not limited to, a couple of Christmas ornaments, two Hawaiian shirts, and a large metal pineapple).

I can probably cover Maui all today since each day was much the same…

As I mentioned in the last entry, we stayed at the Maui Coast and really, really liked it. The staff was very pleasant (and compared to the other hotel we stayed in they treated us like KINGS, but more on that later). It was small enough to feel intimate but large enough to not feel like you were being watched all the time. It was right across the street from a long beach with amazingly soft sand and within walking distance of some decent eateries and shopping. Also, they had a free shuttle up and down the strip so anything that was just out of range on foot was still accessible. The free and easy-to-use electronic room safes meant peace of mind while we were out and no clunky key to carry. Plus the nicely landscaped palms that sheltered the pool and two hot tubs didn’t hurt.

We did, as I mentioned, try to go snorkeling while we were there. Note I say try. We got all the way out to Molokini Island – a very cool, crescent-shaped island – but the surf was choppy and the “surge” was too high (the waves were too big) for our tour boat to let us get off and on safely so we turned around and headed back. The downside was that all that pitching and rolling about turned a lot of the passengers an unpleasant green-gray colour and even J and I felt kind of queasy. I went to the lower deck at one point and fled because a lot of people were “feeding the fish”. Blech. The upside was that we got breakfast on the boat and a trip out and back that included whale and sea turtle sightings and they refunded all of our money since we didn’t actually get to get in the water. It turned out to be the cheapest excursion of the whole trip and my friends, Maui ain’t cheap.

More when I get a chance...

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