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2005-01-17 - 10:01 p.m.

Ok, this'll have to be quick.

Hawaii is awesome. Our routine has evolved into: wake, swim, eat, shop, beach, pool, eat, hot tub, sleep. I looked up the temperature in Ottawa tonight and I'm totally going to hell for gloating but it's 29 degrees below zero there. Celcius.

Our hotel is fabulous and they even upgraded our room for our last two nights because we'd requested a king-sized bed and had originally been given two doubles. I'll add the link later but it's the Maui Coast and we'd definitely stay here again. It's expensive but all the little perks make it worth it. I love the endless supply of fluffy towels for the pool, the complimentary shuttle around the local area, the well-landscaped pool and two hot tubs, and the free internet access in the lobby.

Gotta go. Dinner calls and then we have to get to bed early to go snorkeling tomorrow.

Pity me; it's hard having this much fun. Heh.

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