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Pack, pack, pack!

2005-01-13 - 11:57 p.m.

Good grief, what am I doing typing when I have to finish packing for my trip and it's almost midnight? It's the guilt at promising two entries and only delivering one so far! Oh my conscience has been pricked into action.

So, yeah, Hawaii. I've done a ridiculous amount of thinking and list-making and am now amassing everything I need. If you want to write and suggest some obscure thing that I absolutely NEED? Don't bother 'cause you'll be too late by the time I get your email. I've sorted the sharp things from my toiletries and stowed them in my big luggage to be checked, I've sent contact phone numbers to the parents, I've stuff a small pod full of baby-makin' vitamins, I've thought of it all. I hope.

Hey, some good news: the guy who robbed J's store pled guilty and has been sentenced to 4 years in the slammer. This means J doesn't have to face going to a trial and testifying. I'm sure he would have done it but I'm glad he doesn't have to. Because of the guy's previous record the detective thinks he'll serve his full sentence too. I should certainly hope so after he stuck a knife up against the side of the man I love! Bastard.

Must be off. Don't look for much here until after the 25th though if I get a chance I'll maybe surprise you.

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