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Schrodinger's Blastocyst

2004-12-22 - 1:30 p.m.

I feel like a live version of the Schrodingerís Cat Paradox. Though itís hard to pinpoint the date I ovulated from my basal body temperature (BBT) chart (it was either 6 or 12 days ago but thatís another line of thought entirely), one thing thatís clear is that I did ovulate. So, thinking about this in a quantum manner, either fertilization and implantation occurred and Iím pregnant, or one of those steps failed and Iím not pregnant. Either way, until I either get my period or have a positive pregnancy test, Iím in a superposition of states (pregnant and not-pregnant).

This means that, prior to finding out one way or the other, Iím neither pregnant, nor not-pregnant, and I canít be both pregnant and not-pregnant, because that would be a contradiction. Nor can I be half-pregnant or half-not-pregnant (as only Julie can be a little pregnant). I have to wait until one of the two signs above gives me the result before the superposition collapses, at which point, quantum-ly speaking of course, I will instantaneously at that moment of observation either become pregnant or not-pregnant.

Somehow though, I donít think I could convince a doctor or midwife to accept the date of a pregnancy test as ďDay 1Ē to start counting from. So much for quantum physics.

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