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Christmas is too commercial anyway. Right?

2004-12-05 - 3:36 p.m.

Christmas is upon us and I am notoriusly hard to buy for. I have very little idea of what to ask for from anyone this year.

The fact is, there are tons of things I want but there's nothing I can really ask for from someone else. Almost everything I can think of fits into these two categories: 1) stuff I have to pick for myself, and 2) stuff that's more expensive than anything I'd ask for as a gift. For instance, I need new office clothes - catgory 1. I want a digital camera for our trip - category 2. New sheets for my bed - 1 (plus I know I have at least two sets that I bought but that seem to have grown legs and walked out because I'm darned if I can find them). Etc.

What I don't really want is more stuff. I have stuff from two Christmases ago that I haven't put away yet. It's nice stuff, sure, but it's not anything (obviously) that I needed.

J and I are spending mucho moolah these days, some of it expected, some of it unforeseen - we are booking and paying for all the arrangements for our upcoming trip to Hawaii right now, J had to get a suit (his first) for his mom's funeral, his car really is on its last legs and mine has been out of commission for awhile so we bought a new-to-us car this week, to name a few things - so getting stuff we don't need appeals even less than usual to me this year.

We've agreed on cutting back on some of the gift-giving between us now-grownup kids so that should help things, and I've made him swear that if he wants to get me something it'll be something like a promisary note for a treat on our vacation. I'd love to do something like go for an eco-tour or a horseback ride.

Not only am I hard to buy for, I'm having trouble picking gifts for others this year. And at this point, less than three weeks before Christmas, panic is starting to set in. We have something for J's dad, but that's the only gift we've gotten right now.


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