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2004-12-01 - 1:01 p.m.

J delivered the following eulogy, which we wrote together, at his mom's funeral yesterday. I thought it a fitting tribute to share here.

So often you hear about people who turned down or cancelled plans with loved ones, only to discover too late that that was their last chance to spend time with them. Or worse, they parted on bad terms. The day before my mother’s stroke, she spent the day with her closest loved ones and got to see her first grandchild baptized.

On the way home to Ottawa, mom and dad asked if we’d like to stop on the way to eat dinner. My wife and I had plans to get together with our friends for Halloween but we said, sure, why not, let’s stop in Brockville for dinner. So we did, and it was a nice meal full of laughs. I am so grateful that we made that choice.

During the almost four weeks following her stroke, we had the chance to spend time with her to say goodbye and tell each other “I love you”, and I’m grateful for that too.

My mother was a proud woman and a proper one, yet she continually surprised me throughout my life. She played catch with me when my dad was on the road for work; she borrowed my “darn seagulls” memento hat – fake bird droppings and all – to show the ladies at work when we got back from Myrtle Beach. Even while in hospital she maintained her dignity and sense of humour.

I know that she wouldn’t have wanted the severely-restricted life she would likely have ended up living had she survived. I know she’s at peace and watching over us. But that doesn’t stop me from missing her and wanting her back; from wishing that she’d be around to spoil the rest of her grandchildren when they come along.

Goodbye Mom.

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