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Still precarious.

2004-11-05 - 11:42 a.m.

Just a quick update on Jís mom. Iím afraid the news is not good.

There has been more bleeding and swelling in her brain. She has become less responsive as time goes on, and if she does pull through she will require long-term care at a specialized facility.

J and his family are, of course, devastated. They are still remarkably strong though, and are determined to stick to her wishes, as she has outlined them in her living will. There has been someone there visiting at every visiting-hour shift, and more often than not they have all been there together, talking to her and sitting with her. Iíve been going as often as I can (every afternoon and evening so far), but I havenít been able to do much other than to keep everyone as informed as possible by asking questions and doing some interpretation of the things the staff and monitors are saying. Iím glad I can at least contribute that.

Jís sisterís husband and baby daughter are coming back today (he had to go home to work for the last couple of days while his mom came down and took care of the baby). Itíll be good to have that cheery, bald-headed, wee one around again to lift peopleís spirits.

I donít have the heart to write much more now.

Keep the good vibes coming and thanks to those that have written. I will write back.

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