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2004-10-25 - 8:23 p.m.

Sooo tired.

Youd think that getting up one hour earlier than usual would be no big deal but I am totally wiped. Or maybe it was the reason I got up early that Im so tired.

Picture it, you drag your butt out of bed, get through the morning routine, hop on your bike in the cool morning air and pedal off to a conference. A conference on cogeneration. A conference where you are one of only five women in a room of seventy, almost everyone is in a suit, and the average age looks to be late forties/early fifties. The morning sessions werent too bad but by the time I got through the panel (and where did they find four people who all constantly peppered their monotones with uh?) in the afternoon I was having trouble propping my eyelids open. I gave up the ghost at 4pm and actually slipped next door for the Medical Geology Workshop just to wake up before going home.

Ive got another conference day tomorrow but Ill be back with an entry of decent length on Wednesday. Pinky-swear.

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