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2004-10-21 - 4:20 p.m.

My poor neglected journal.

As you know (unless you didnít read the last entry) I was out of town for the last couple of days hiring a co-op student. I know itís a clichť to say that there were so many good candidates it was hard to make a decision, but it was exactly the case. Out of the six that we interviewed, I would have been OK with hiring four. In the end, after much debate, we settled on one person. I hope that the matching process goes smoothly.

We stayed in one of the affiliated collegeís ďhotelĒ, which was a glorified residence. I canít say I was impressed as, in the 24 hours we were there, the hot water was down and I didnít really think the place was very clean. Next time I might not go for saving my workplace the eleven bucks and stay at a real hotel.

It was, however, way, way cool to be back on the campus of my alma mater. I didnít have a lot of time to wander down memory lane but it really was a huge nostalgia trip to be back eating at the Math C&D. And the variety and prices were as good as I remember them to be.

Interviewing was interesting but I got hit by the karmic boomerang today when I was the one squirming under the microscope at my own board. I did have a couple moments that I wasnít too fond of. You know, where you know youíre saying too many words that are really almost deviod of content and you hear yourself babbling and your head is telling your mouth to Shut. It. already but you still canít seem to stop? Yeah. Thatís what happened a couple of times. Oh, I know I passed, but I really didnít want to just pass; I wanted to excel, and impress, and shine, and a number of other descriptors deserving of italics. Iím waiting for my boss to get back so I can grill him a bit on the view from the other side of the table.

Now that thatís out of the way, Iíll be able to focus on my job once again, and my level of responsibility should increase. Iíve got four conferences coming up in the next month, one of which is out of town again, and then Iíll be entering the fun whirlwind that is pre-Christmas madness, with all the visiting and shopping and eating that entails. Iíll be keeping this up-to-date as best I can and maybe Iíll have some free time once Iím back from Hawaii at the end of January?

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