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2004-10-18 - 9:44 a.m.

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Monday morning. The calm before the storm. Tomorrow I’m off to Waterloo overnight, then I have my promotion board when I’m back in the office Thursday afternoon. This weekend I got to see some of the friends I had to cancel dinner on the weekend before – dinner with one couple, BBQ with another, and brunch with still another.

Since many of my friends do not know each other it’s always been difficult to get a group of them together at the same time. The divide-and-conquer approach of this past weekend meant that I got to focus on the people I was with at the time. It’s interesting to see the different stages they’re at. One couple is in the throes of wedding planning. Another is still not there yet, though clearly they are made for each other (and I am still convinced I have totally called that one as I predicted way back that they’d take the plunge eventually). The third couple announced to us that they’re expecting their second child in about 4 ½ months (Squee! They are fantastic parents and have been trying for awhile for their second.).

Sunday, I finished up doing the slab o’ classes that I took on for the week. After doing seven classes in seven days, it’ll be good to get back to my normal routine of two classes a week starting this weekend (I’m missing Wednesday’s class ‘cause I won’t be back in time). A break would probably be good as my knee has started making a suspicious grinding sound with every step I mount. I put my hand on my kneecap while I was climbing the stairs the other day and was grossed out to discover that the grinding sound is accompanied by a grind-y, pop-y feeling! Yech. It doesn’t hurt yet but that noise is ominous.

I have nothing else to say today that I haven’t said before, really – I’m still breaking out like a teenager and not too happy about it, and I think I’m in the throes of PMS. Wouldn’t that be fabulous timing if it coincides with a business trip? Double-yech. Oh well, it’s not like it’s coinciding (yet) with my vacation.

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