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Taking Casual Friday to a new level.

2004-10-14 - 2:01 p.m.

If all goes well I’ll be working from home tomorrow. The good news? I can work in my pyjamas. Sweeeeet. The bad news? No internet connection at home (my hubby’s computer blew up on him last week). So this means that I’d better post an update, pronto, and it may have to last through the weekend.

This morning I was in a meeting – actually a “group brainstorming session” – from 8:30 until after noon. At one point one of the people there leaned across the table and expressed an interest in hiring me (I pointed at my boss and said “talk to him”), so I guess I came across in a good light. It was on a topic very near and dear to my heart: ecologically friendly building initiatives.

At this session, I also ran into someone I once hired to work for me on my house (and was subsequently disappointed with, by the by), and into someone who’d taken my class a couple of days ago. Small world.

For a change there are no birthdays coming up in the next week, though the week after is my father’s. At my birthday dinner at his place last weekend I finally was presented with the family trophy for winning (by default) the 10k race against Dad this year. He’s been dragging his heels on getting the plaque engraved, but managed to dredge up a modicum of good grace for the presentation. I tried to take the opportunity to announce my victorious retirement from the race, but he would, naturally, have none of that. Barring anything beyond my control, we’re on for next year.

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