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Thanksgiving update

2004-10-12 - 9:41 a.m.

Allís quiet on the Western Front this morning Ė thereís a strike on so a few team members are out on the picket lines, a few more are unsurprisingly tardy, and weíre in a ďwaitingĒ mode for our two projects Ė so I have time to write an entry.


I had three, count Ďem THREE Thanksgiving dinners this weekend. Two were turkey and one was roast beef. There was cake AND pie at every single one of them. They were all yummy. *urp*

My Birthday

This birthday came and went without much fuss. As I mentioned already, I wasnít feeling well on Friday so my dinner with friends got cancelled. I got much-appreciated gifts at all the family feasts (mostly money and gift certificates since Iím so legendarily hard to buy for), and my husband nuzzled me and wished me happy birthday all weekend so I certainly felt spoiled in that regard.


This coming week-and-a-half promise to be very busy. Iím teaching six times in the next six days, then next week Iím off to Waterloo for a night on business, then sit my promotion board for my job the day Iím back. Iíll try to keep up with the journal as best I can.

For now, Iím jonesing for a coffee so Iím trying to figure out if itís worth crossing the picket line for Tim Hortons. We do have coffee and a coffee maker in the office but Iíve switched to decaf recently. In theory, it would only be a short delay to enter the building again but if they see the Tims logo on the cup I'm carrying they may just demand a coffee toll. Public servants love their coffee...

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