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It's official - we're going!

2004-10-06 - 2:06 p.m.

Hawaii, here we come!

I booked the tickets and we are flying into Maui on January 14th and leaving again on the 24th (arriving back on the 25th because it’s an overnighter with a brutal layover in Chicago O’Hare in the middle of the night).

Since I’m using Airmiles I only had to pay for taxes and other fees I don’t quite understand. I also got the insurance for trip interruption in case anything happens (J and I have travel medical through my work) so if we’re snowed in at that connection at O’Hare the insurance will put us up in a hotel and pay to re-book the flights. Grand total for two people to fly to and from Paradise? Less than $500. CANADIAN.

PLUS, I managed to get a flight out of Kona, which means we’ll be able to go to the Big Island to see the volcanoes. I tried to wring out of J what he wanted to do:

Me – What do you feel like you absolutely can’t miss on this trip?

J – The beach.

Me – Yes but, what do you want to do that you can only do in Hawaii?

J – I want to lie on a beach in the sun. You decide what else we’ll do.

Me – But there are beaches in the sun in, say, the Carribean and that’s closer and cheaper. What is special about Hawaii? What makes it different? What do you think of when you think *sweeps a hand dramatically across the horizon* “Hawaii”?

J – I have no idea.

Me – But you said you’ve always wanted to go there. Why “there”?

J – I dunno. It just sounded neat.

Me – Do you want to go to a luau? Do you want to see volcanoes? Do you want to go on any sort of nature tour?

J – Yeah, those sound cool. Especially the volcanoes.

So volcanoes it is.

Ever been there? Have any handy travel tips? Got the lowdown on great things to do? Cheap places to stay? Hit the link and send me an email.

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