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2004-10-04 - 9:23 a.m.

J’s birthday this weekend was a resounding success.

The comedy club we went to really impressed us. The acts were funny, we got a sweet deal on admission for the group, the food was good and inexpensive, and the waitstaff extremely good. I had my reservations about our server at the beginning as he kept trying to crack jokes but just came across as a little manic and too friendly (I think he felt that he had to be funny because he worked in a comedy club), but in all honesty I think he was probably the best server I’ve ever had – attentive but not pushy, right there when needed, not in the way even when serving throughout the show, etc. They also made room in their freezer for the ice cream cake I brought by earlier and didn’t blink at serving it, even though it ended up dripping a lot on the table by the time we were done.

We tipped very well.

If you’re in the area, and looking for something to do, you should check it out. It’s the Absolute Comedy club on Preston.

So we’re all finally there and I ask for everyone’s attention for a moment to give J his birthday present (and one person later confessed that she was half-expecting me to pull out ultrasound pictures and announce I was pregnant – yes, when you’re married and in your 30s, it just doesn’t stop). I cleared my throat and solemnly announced,

“It’s J’s birthday and he’s getting laid tonight.” Seeing the looks of ‘whoa, over-share,’ I hastened to add, “In fact we are all getting lei-ed,” pulling out a bunch of plastic leis from my bag, “Because J is going to Hawaii!”

Much glee ensued. J actually rocked back on his chair in shock.

So, yeah. We’re off to Hawaii in January. I have a lot of Airmiles saved up and J and I have both always wanted to go so I thought I’d pay the extra taxes and charges and take him for his birthday. I’m planning on booking the tickets today or tomorrow (after doing just a bit of research on what we’d want to see) but I couldn’t book them ahead of time because I really had to verify when and for how long J could get away from his business. Bottom line? He’ll make the time for a trip to Hawaii.

Originally I wanted to use the tickets for Thailand but, among several factors, there’s just no way I’d want to take a trip there for less than 3 weeks and there’s no way that J could get away for that long.

The MC at the club asked if there were any birthdays out there and when J was identified she asked what he’d gotten for his birthday; when he said his wife was taking him to Hawaii she was all, “Every person in this room hates you now and wishes your wife was still single.” Heh. It’s a good night when you can make your husband the envy of everyone.

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