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It was a hit.

2004-09-22 - 10:47 a.m.

If you read my last entry, you should go over and check out what Dooce posted yesterday.

The only minor drama going on in the last couple of days only involves the Talpidae household peripherally, and in the interest of avoiding bruised feelings amongst the Outlaws I will restrain myself for posting it for all the world to see.

On the plus side, my sister in-law is coming up to Ottawa for a visit today and will be here until Sunday so that means there will be a chance to see the Worldís Most Adorable Niece sometime over the next few days. My husband has a picture of her as his wallpaper on his laptop. While I personally would be more pleased if he had a picture of, oh, I donít know, maybe his wife up, I canít really fault him for falling under the spell of the WMAN, can I?

Hey, I donít think I mentioned how the painting was received, did I? Well the truth is, I was almostÖ ďdismayedĒ would be too strongly negative a wordÖ taken aback at how much people liked it. A lot of people want paintings now. A couple of them said that they didnít know I painted. My answer? I donít, really. I dabble. I paint maybe a picture or two every five years or so. I normally bask in praise but I was getting downright uncharacteristically uncomfortable that night. I mean, itís good that they liked it and all, but itís not a feat I think Iíll be eager to repeat too often. This was a specific gift based, albeit loosely, on a specific painting.

This past weekend kicked off a month of birthday weekends. The other half of the couple is celebrating his birthday this weekend (though the painting covered both of them this year), the weekend after is my stepmotherís, my best friendís, another close friendís and my husbandís (and I canít post what Iím getting him Ďcause he reads this), and the weekend after is mine, plus Thanksgiving.

For the record, I've looked it up and a baby conceived on New Year's Eve would be due October 2nd (and not everyone is born exactly on their due date). Coincidence?

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