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2004-09-17 - 11:50 a.m.

I just wrote a lengthy entry and then decided it would be the perfect one to post on my one-year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks. So you’ll just have to wait. The part that can’t wait is this:

Oh Jenfu, how you will be missed!

If you haven’t read any of her stuff, you’d better check out her archives now before they're taken down.

That’s right, Jenfu is leaving the journaling world for now. I printed out my three favourite entries as a keepsake (“ringu” from March 2003, “a birthday poem” from December 2002, and “goodbye to you” from June 2002 if you’re curious) (after emailing her and letting her know that I was going to do so to make sure she didn’t mind of course). Yep, I've been reading her regularly for well over two years. It'll be a sad day when the site is no more.


The weekend is almost here and I have done a painting I’m giving to some friends for their joint birthdays (her 30th and his 27th) tomorrow. I know that it’s dangerous, giving art to someone; that’s why I proposed the idea to the guy-half of the couple beforehand and had him check out the finished product:

K - I love it!

Shawna - Thanks, but what will T think?

K - She'll love it.

S - Do you guys have the same taste in paintings?

K - ... I have NO IDEA.

S - Ok then when I bring it out I'm totally blaming you in my preamble. I'll be all, "Now if you don't like this you have to blame K because he gave the go-ahead to the idea and the thumbs-up to the final product..."

The painting is based on one that he wanted to buy for their new house but couldn’t afford (it was over a thousand dollars and, while that’s not an unreasonable amount to pay for a piece of original art, they still need to buy furniture, not to mention pay their mortgage, pay off a student loan, etc.), so it was a pretty safe bet that he’d like it. Still, I can’t but help being a little worried. Also, the word of my present is out to a couple of other people in that group and the hints have already started to come in that they too would appreciate a gift of that nature if I felt like painting something for them…?

What have I gotten myself into? It seemed like a good idea at the time. I would never pretend to be an artist, and despite the fact that some of my dabblings have turned out OK, I've never had the drive to paint more than one or two every few years. If my paintings are ever worth something, it won't be because I'm a famous painter, that's for sure.

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