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200 entries? Gadzooks!

2004-09-10 - 1:35 p.m.

Oh the pressure! Not only is this Friday and thus this page will be up until next week, it’s my *drumrolllllllll…..* 200th entry!

Yes that’s right, the celebrations will be coming thick and fast over the next month because coming up on October 3rd is my husband’s birthday, on the 7th it’ll be Talpidae’s 1st anniversary, and two days later will be my 32nd birthday. October, as you can see, is kind of a busy, kind of an expensive month. It’s also the month of my father’s birthday and, coincidentally, the month I semi-annually renew the insurance on my car (and not-so-coincidentally, since they expire on our birthdays here, the license sticker).

200 entries. Man. If I’d been writing fiction, I’d have close to a book finished. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed, and am still enjoying, writing these things. I’ve gotten some good practice at the craft and at sticking to doing it, I’ve “met” a couple of folks and gotten a couple of links here from them, and a few people are reading consistently. What more could I ask for, really? Well, maybe fame and a book deal, but I’m nowhere near that league (if Julia from tequila mockingbird hasn’t gotten one, what chance have I, really?). If you are one of those consistent readers though, I’d love to hear from you if you felt like dropping me an email (hate mail can be kept to yourselves or it will be filed appropriately... in the Trash) letting me know how you found me and if there’s any topics you’d want to hear more on. It’s not always easy throwing my stuff out there into the void and not hearing back to see how it’s being received.

Speaking of topics, I wish I had something spectacular to write about today but alas, the ants are still munching on my house (though I thought I saw a few looking woozy this morning, but maybe that’s from all the partying they must be doing in their cozy, house-destroying nest - bastards), the robbers still haven’t been caught, and, other than the fact that I’ve now lost a total of about 10 pounds*, my life is really just moseying along as usual. Maybe I’ll have some bigger things afoot by the time my “journal-versary” rolls around.

See you Monday unless something comes up over the weekend.

*Note, this is not as impressive as it seems when you consider that that means I’ve just gone back to the weight I was just over a year ago, which is still 12 pounds more than what I think of as my “base” or “normal” weight, and even more than that over my “skinny/sexy/hottie” weight – which I look good and healthy at but is still not stick-thin or anything by any means. My BMI is, however, back in the “normal” range, so I can take some comfort in that, right?

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