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The umbrella does NOTHING!

2004-09-09 - 12:24 p.m.

Itís raining like a mofo out there today. I started the day at home with a rare good-hair day, only to arrive at work slightly bedraggled, despite my rain jacket, rain pants and umbrella. I was also late in that arrival as I took every detour necessary to stay sheltered along the way; I cut through buildings, hugged storefronts with awnings, and ducked into a couple of places to gather lunch stuff so that I wouldnít have to venture out again until the end of the business day. I spent the walk alternately fighting to keep my umbrella right-side in, and to just keep my umbrella, period.

And speaking of periods, thatís a nice segue into some girl-related musingsÖ

Obscure effect of the Pill* I discovered after I went on it: my hip joints were sore for a few months. As I understand it, the Pill tricks your body into thinking itís already pregnant so it doesnít ovulate. Apparently, one of the mild pregnancy-like symptoms it could trigger is a loosening of hip joints.

Obscure effect of the Pill* I discovered after I went off it: I have been shedding like crazy this last little while. Iím surprised Iím not bald, what with the matted hair in my brush and the loose strands that drift off my head and gleefully adhere to my clothing or carpet my floor. When I shampoo and condition, or apply gel, it my hands come away with a spider-like webbing stretched between my fingers. I was on the Pill for a long time, the last couple of years without ever going off it even for every fourth week so I wonder if Iím losing hair just like a new mom would after she is no longer pregnant.

Not-so-obscure effect of the Pill* I discovered/was reminded of after I went off it: For cripes sake, Iím a woman in my 30s Ė arenít I a little old to be breaking out? Apparently not and I can only assume it was the Pill that stopped this from happening for the last 12 years. I didnít even know I should have been grateful! Donít it always seem to go, that you donít know what youíve got Ďtil itís goneÖ (cue Joni Mitchell).

*The pregnancy effects I can find back-up on, but that the Pill can trigger these effects is anecdotal - I have no actual source to cite so caveat lector.

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