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Have you seen these two men?

2004-09-03 - 10:39 a.m.

5:20 am, Chez Talpidae

Cell phone Ė Ring, ring. Ring, ring.*

Shawna Ė Snort. *blink*

CP Ė Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, riÖ

S Ė Hello?

CP Ė Mwa wah wuh Securi-blah, mwa wuh J?

S Ė J, itís your security system!

J Ė Hello?Ö Did you call the police?Ö. Call the police please, Iíll be there in 20 minutes.

Yep, the alarm was triggered at Jís business this morning, causing all kinds of worry and flashbacks and trepidation until he got there and didnít find anything amiss.

He called right away to let me know Ė I was up preparing to drive down there if need be. He figures that the guy delivering newspapers probably thumped them against the door and it set off the alarm.

I was relieved but it still didnít stop me from being hit with paranoid thoughts as I was trying to get back to sleep. What if it was the robbers and they set off the alarm deliberately to lure J there to open the safe early enough that thereíd be no customers around to see them? and even, What if they set off the alarm at his business to get him out of the house so that they could come in here and rob him? They might not know Iím still here.

This, of course, didnít make for a very restful sleep.

I said Iíd post what I can, when I can, but the suspects havenít been caught yet so there are still details I canít get into. That having been said, the following is from the weekly police activity report that they post on their website so Iíd think itís fair game and public domain. Itís listed as a ďRobbery Ė OtherĒ:

August/16 6:22AM [Iím taking out the address but itís in Westboro]

Suspects: 2 males, #1 white male, 35yrs, 5'10, slim, shaved head, glasses, blue jacket and jeans had a knife

#2 white male, 35yrs, 5'9, slim, dark brown hair, glasses, and possible goatee, carrying a black backpack

I know itís a huge stretch but if anyone reading this knows anyone that saw two suspicious men in that neighbourhood that morning, who match the above descriptions, email me and there will be a load of good karma coming your way for helping J and I sleep better.


*Except J always has his cell phone set to these bizarre rings so I canít adequately type the sounds that thing makes.

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