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Moving and a conundrum.

2004-09-02 - 10:06 a.m.

I have no deep musings today but I do have a few newsy items to catch up on:

My work team might be moving to a new building in the next little while. While I will miss the fact that I can open the windows here, I wonít miss the weird washrooms, or the fact that the elevators have a mind of their own. Iím looking forward to the move Ďcause itíll be closer to my house and thus a shorter walk Ė always a good thing when winter is coming Ė and Ďcause Iím tired of shuttling up and down on the aforementioned elevators. Right now Iím on the 6th floor but the people I work with are mostly on the second so Iím forever running up and down. Oh well, at least it gives me a chance to get my butt out of my chair and get some exercise.

Iím going to be getting a raise! Woo hoo! The program Iím in has automatic times at which youíre eligible to move up the pay scale and I still have to do my promotion board to make it official but when I do, the raise is retroactive to the date I was eligible to get it. I think this might be due to the fact that the committees are more or less on the ball about getting organized for these boards and it would be penalizing the employee who was ready but whose committee couldnít get it together fast enough to have the board on time. When I do get the retroactive pay cheque itís going straight into my line of credit. I canít wait to pay that sucker off!

Iíve realized that with the wiping out of the entry covering the weekend Iíve now not said anything about my grandmotherís birthday. The highlights are that she had a good time and got some good gifts, it was fun to see the family together, the food was, of course, absolutely fantastic (as it always is in my momís house), and my cousin announced that she and her fiancť have set a dateÖ July 2nd next year.


That just happens to be the date that some close friends of ours are also getting married. To put this in perspective, I have only 2 cousins that live on the continent; the friends getting married are close enough that my husbandís agreed to be their MC and I was supposed to organize the decorations (maybe this sort of thing is the reason youíre not supposed to ask people to be in your wedding party/plans this far in advance?). Other than Christmas, which is a given, the ONLY DAY I had firm plans for in ALL OF 2005 was July 2nd, and now I have TWO conflicting weddings, neither one of which I would normally miss. I canít do both since oneís in Ottawa and the other is in Montreal. Whatís a chyck to do? Doh! I think Iím going to have to go with the family wedding and hope the friends understand if I bow out of organizing their decorations (fortunately, theyíd asked two of us to do it so the other person will still be available to take up the slack). This means J and I will have to go separate ways for the day and each will miss the otherís event, which kind of sucks, but I canít think of another way around it. Silly marrying-type people.

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