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The stench of fear.

2004-08-31 - 5:54 p.m.

So in the spirit of, “Don’t print anything that might haunt you later,” I’ve deleted yesterday’s entry. Sorry if you missed it but you snooze, you lose.


Shawna hops in J’s car. They drive a few blocks. J lifts up his arm and sniffs.

J – Is that me?

S – Is what you?

J – That smell.

S – What smell?

J – That pit smell.

S – I don’t know. Is it me?

Shawna lifts up her own arm and J obligingly sniffs.

J – No, it’s not you…

S – Thank God!

J - … it must be me. Whoa, that came on all of a sudden. *sheepish grin*

S – Oh yeah? Did you experience a rush of adrenaline?

J - What?

S – A rush of adrenaline. Did you get a rush of adrenaline recently?

J – No, I don’t think so.

S – Oh well, so much for that theory this time.

J – What theory?

S – You know my theory*; I’ve explained it before I’m sure.

J – Um. Okay.

The drive continues, as does the conversation. J drops Shawna off at home before proceeding on to his errands.

*ring… ring… ri...*

S – Hello?

J – I did have a rush of adrenaline!

S – What?

J – The adrenaline. You were right. A bee flew in my car and I was trying to roll the window up when it headed my way but it got in and I had to roll the window down again to try to get it out! I did have that rush of adrenaline!

S – So my theory’s still good.

J – Yep. See you when I get home.

* See, I have this theory that “the stench of fear” is literal. After a scare, your pits smell bad. They say that underarm odour is caused by the bacteria that live on your sweat. There may be something to that but I also think there’s another factor that comes into play after you get an adrenaline hit. Maybe the adrenaline is broken down and the metabolites are excreted by the lymphatic system? That’s just a guess but it does make sense since I seem to recall that the armpits are one of the main places there are lymph nodes. Even if my theory is correct, I have no idea if the bacteria just like the metabolites and multiply on them, or if that particular food makes the bacteria produce more of the chemicals that smell bad (like eating too much garlic can make people give off a stronger odour), or if the smell is the metabolites themselves.

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