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2004-08-15 - 11:45 a.m.

You know itís a nice warm day when the bugs are singing. And what am I doing? Trying to shake a migraine that seems to have accompanied the weather front that brought this lovely day. Drat! If I only got them when the weatherís gross and rainy that might not seem quite as unfair, but to get them when the weather turns from gross and rainy to blue skies with Simpsons-esque clouds? Grr.

On a perhaps-related note, I think my almost 3-month wait may be coming to an end. I know Iíve said that before but there are more signs this time, really. I will spare you the goriest details but mention only that this may be playing a role in the migraine onset, and that I havenít been moodier than usual lately so my hubby may have escaped that one this time. Or have I and has he? Honey, are you with me on this one? Or are you just going to nod and agree for fear I rip your head off?


This week I only have three days of work and then Iím heading out early Thursday morning to my friendís house for her wedding in Halifax. I canít wait to see the house in person Ė the pictures look gorgeous. Yet another house Iíd like to build/live in. Iím going early to help with some of the wedding prep. Theyíre having it in their home and I remember how indispensable my friends were when doing the set-up for my own wedding last year.

Monday Iím landing at the airport back here at 8:45 and going straight in to work. I have a huge report that Iím writing and with only 8 working days until I need to have the first draft done, Iíll be insanely busy. Between that and the fact that my friends donít have internet access, Iíll update when I can but you can expect them to be extremely spotty for the next couple of weeks. Donít say you werenít warned.

Before I go today, Iíd like to say a fond farewell to Groovy Decay; fare thee well in merry olde England, Robin.

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