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2004-07-28 - 11:19 a.m.

More baby news surrounding me! My best-friend-from-childhood is pregnant! I know that she and her husband have been trying (she confided as much to me during our reunion lunch) so it’s not a huge surprise. We’re supposed to be getting together in the next couple of weeks for non-caffeinated (for her), non-alcoholic (for both of us – I can’t drink ‘cause of my migraines) drinks, so I’ll be able to congratulate her in person soon. I suspect this means I’ll also be able to congratulate her on quitting smoking since she’s said she’d quit once she got pregnant. In the meantime, though she doesn’t know about this journal, happy healthy vibes heading her way.

And one of my very closest friends and former bridesmaids is, as of the night before last when I talked to her, overdue and waiting impatiently for her own arrival. She’s feeling huge and bloated (on top of the baby-belly) and tired of lugging the kid around inside her and wants him or her to come out and meet the parents already!

She doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl. I don’t get that. I’d totally want to know. I wouldn’t tell anyone, for fear of being deluged with pink or blue clothing (and I do NOT like pink but everyone seems to think it’s de rigeur for girls) but I’d still want to know myself. The hard part would be getting my husband to keep his mouth shut. He cannot keep a secret and his mom would be really putting the pressure on to spill the beans.

Is it wrong of me to keep it from her knowing full well that she would be driven absolutely batty knowing that we know and just aren’t telling? I am so going to hell for tormenting my mother inlaw. Hee. It may just be worth it.

Of course, this is all a moot point since I’m still waiting (for over two months now, if anyone’s counting) and there’s no way I actually am pregnant – unlike almost every woman I know these days, we haven’t even started trying yet. Who knew it would take so long for my own hormones to kick in?

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