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2004-07-23 - 9:20 a.m.

My first week in the new job is drawing to a close. So far, so good, though it really keeps me hopping. At least the days fly by. This, unfortunately, doesnít leave me as much time for interesting updates, or any updates for that matter.

The solution Iím proposing is to go for quality over quantity for the next little while. I started this journal partly as an exercise to force myself to write and thus, quantity was paramount. For years Iíd thought of myself as a writer, but was keenly aware that I didnít actually write very much and it was time to change that.

Iíve always been told that ďif you write it, they will comeĒ when it comes to online journaling; after nine months of writing almost every weekday, Iíve only got a handful of people that are reading. BUT, the fact that anyone takes the time to check in on what Iím up to is whatís been driving me to continue. I donít want to let anyone down by not posting regularly.

This being said, Iíve really been quite pleased with a lot of the entries Iíve written. Unfortunately, the wheat can be hard to find in all the chaff. Generally speaking, my favourite entries have emerged to be first about sharing some funny stories from my past, and second about my thoughts, feelings and opinions. My least favourites have been the hurried ďwhat Iím up toĒ entries. I donít know what your, my readerís, opinion is. The thing is, the fast ones to write are the last type and when Iím pressed for time as I have beenÖ

No one wants to read a string of one-paragraph entries which all boil down to, ďToo busy to write now.Ē So, this is my tentative plan: Iím going to write offline if I get time to write during the day and when I have something of decent length and/or substance Iíll post. It may drop the posting frequency a bit but at least Iíll feel like I have something worth reading on this site.

No guarantees on the appeal of the content I choose, and I will still be doing some blow-by-blow accounts of goings-on, just not five sentences at a time, so brace yourselves.

See you next week.

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