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Getting over the set-up hurdle.

2004-07-21 - 3:13 p.m.

I am being driven batty by the small admin things that need to be done in order to set up my workstation for this job. I am just now settling into being relatively productive after spending the biggest chunk of the day trying to get voicemail set up, as well as email and the right to access the internet. Yes, that's right, you have to get special permission in this place, even though a large part of my job is pulling information off the internet.

I'm clearly spoiled by the computers at my previous job. This one? No speakers. No good program to actually play music from either and the jack for my earphones doesn't work. Whoops gotta go...


OK, Iím back. (I figured Iíd be better off making this into a full entry than start anew today.)

The absolute worst part? My computerís set up in the corner of a very open space that doesnít even have proper cube walls so everyone walks back and forth behind me and can see over my shoulder and I canít see them coming! It may sound silly and itís not like I surf p0rn at work or anything, but Iím one of those people most comfortable sitting with my back to a wall. Two walls are even better. If youíre meeting me at a restaurant and I get there first to claim the table, assuming I have free choice Ďcause itís not too busy, youíd look for me along the periphery of the place.

This is all Ďcause Iím temporarily sharing office space with a team thatís working on another project because my boss canít get anyone to give up their stranglehold on office space near my team on another floor. No matter that they donít actually use the space; they donít want to give up the right to sit there, should they so choose. So this other team, who is overseen by my boss, has this open-concept room where they have a number of stations set up. Now they all can, and in some cases must, walk directly behind me all day. Gah!

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