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2004-07-19 - 1:09 p.m.

Iím at my first day on the new job and am sneaking in some lunch time to check in. Iím happy to find out that access to Diaryland isnít blocked here, as Iíd been worried it might be.

So far, Iíve been given a LOT of reading to do. Itíll take me awhile to get up to speed on what weíre doing and acquire the expertise on the Kyoto protocol they need from me. Iíve spent the morning looking more at the latter stuff than the former, as the rest of the group is intimately familiar with the project itself and Iíll be the one keeping an eye on the ďgreenĒ aspects. Fortunately my boss is on holidays for three weeks so I have a bit of time to gear up.

I have to say, big believer that I am in sustainable development and green thinking in general, a lot of the research Iíve been doing this morning has kind of depressed me. My searches have led me to a lot of gloomy facts and predictions about climate change, and the havoc my species has been wreaking with abandon on the planet.


On the plus side, Iím glad that part of the job is trying to make a positive difference where these issues are concerned. I think youíll be hearing a more preachy side of me in the upcoming entries as I get further and further into this job.

Iím actually using my bossís office for the next little while. My workstation hasnít been set up yet so I get the big office. Itís kind of weird to have walls instead of a cube in a cube farm. Not bad, just different.


There was a surprising amount of unscheduled time this weekend and rather than using it productively, it was great to kick back with J. We packed a picnic and hit a beach on the Ottawa River yesterday and it was fantastic; great company, fine granite sands, sun, cool water, not too many people, and an entertaining book.

We have no real plans, in fact, for the next few weekends Ė until we go away for a couple of days to celebrate our first anniversary in fact. I canít believe itís been almost a year since we got married. In many ways it seems like yesterday. I have a couple of friends in the planning stages for their own weddings right now and Iíve been trying to help by supplying them with ďwhat workedĒ and ďwhat didnít workĒ lists. One thing I have noticed is that I did a huge amount of preparation and work for that wedding! At the time it was so spaced out that it didnít seem all that onerous, to be honest, but now that Iím listing it all off at once I realize we took on a lot of the details that made it ďoursĒ instead of a typical, generic affair. And it was worth it because I really think it was a reflection of us as individuals and as a couple. Weíve been saving the wedding video to watch on our first anniversary and Iím looking forward to seeing the day from another perspective, when I donít have to think about keeping the guests happy, or the timing or coordination of everything.

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