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First impressions.

2004-07-15 - 11:11 a.m.

The last two days were chock-a-block with meetings. It's definitely a different atmosphere at the new job. The people around me are a lot more... hm... what's a good word... quirky?... than at my last job.

My impressions so far have been that I'll like the place. Most of my coworkers/people at the meetings with whom my team will be working are men who are a bit older, engineers, and dress kind of like my high school math teacher. For those that don't know him, picture Dilbert but a bit older and the tie doesn't curl up. The main difference is that our workplace doesn't look like a cube farm.

While it's an interesting building, it's just as quirky as its occupants. It's a heritage building and the first day I got there for a meeting the front desk guy told me to send the elevator that was open and waiting up and press the button to summon the one beside it. When I looked at him oddly he explained that that elevator only went to the fifth floor but the one I wanted went all the way to the sixth. Hee.

Also, I can't drink the water because the pipes are old and the lead concentration is very high. This means that we are all given bottled water which tastes disgusting. I know a lot of people prefer bottled water (and I may go into that further another time), but I hate the taste of water that's been purified with ozone. If you look at the label and it says "ozonated" or ozone is in the ingredients list, you can be sure that I'll think it tastes like ass. When I need the bottle to take to the gym, I've been known to dump that water on my plants and refill it from my tap. Too bad I'd give myself lead poisoning if I did that at work. I've heard the theory that it was lead poisoning that led to the downfall of the Roman empire (the women of the upper class were rendered sterile so their social structure collapsed) so if it can bring an empire down, I certainly want nothing to do with it.

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